The Wanderer Project
Wanderer is the world's first and only non-commercial live game which has a world-wide following. The Wanderer Project has been going on since autumn 1996 and according to plans the final episode will be played in the summer of year 2000. Playing live in the world of Wanderer is an opportunity you wouldn't want to miss. Please feel free to browse our pages, familiarize yourself with the world and contact us about attending a game or arranging one on your home turf.

World of Wanderer
It's year 2050 in the Wanderer world. The world has undergone severe changes and disasters; some natural, some man made. Still, or perhaps because of this, humankind has managed to advance in many fields: humans have settled space already for some decades, medicine has evolved into a precise science and the Net is a fully functioning virtual reality. The future does however look grim. The world is heading towards times of trouble and a single incident can tip the balance in favor of one of the parties.


Wanderer 3C! - The Next Episode of the epoch saga at last!

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